exposing myself in public

You’d probably call me disturbed if I got onto a bus naked or sat outside a shopping mall with scores of elastic bands wrapped around my penis in an attempt at painful modesty. Whatever pleasures I might derive from my nudity, the stigma this exposure evokes would ultimately drive me away from the people I desired to share the streets with. Exposure is met with censure.


The exposure I want is for the things of my creation to see the light of day.  I’d like to expose myself, my thoughts and my creations to the scrutiny of those around me. I could call it art, that would act as a coat, to cover the stark fragility of my ideas. However, I am afraid that art rests far too often in the eye of the beholder.


For my work to be acknowledged as art I need to parade myself in front of you, swinging my Willy in your faces, till you either silently ignore me or, like H.C.  Anderson’s tailors, proclaim that I am indeed wearing clothes. Of course there will always some little snot-nosed urchin who will proclaim the opposite, and the magic is lost.


What do I want to dangle in front of you?


This website deals mainly with my animations that I want to share with people. It also is a bit of curriculum vitae introducing me, my designs, some writing and ideas. It might gain me friends, enemies and even work. But ultimately it is a space for me to share some of my ideas and creations with a broader audience.


I always wanted to be a movie director. And indeed I have directed the odd documentary for television or commercial use. Those movies, and I hope to do more of them, derived from trying to capture the stories that I felt other people had to tell.  But I want to tell my own stories.


I have always been drawn to the possibilities inherent in motion pictures or animation. By swapping two images in quick succession one can tell a story- magic. The simplicity of those two images is the key to my interpretation of the medium. However the associations that one can make can become complex and therein lies the story telling. A free bird becomes caged when two images are interlinked. There is humour in the meeting- although I’m not sure the bird sees it that way. Let’s hope it sees the irony and can thereby validate its existence.


I have enjoyed the haiku format for expressing myself. I’ll pepper this site with examples for your edification. In a way, many of my short animations are haiku movies where the story is told by the way the elements are juxtaposed. They are simple narratives that I hope leave a smile or a pause for thought.


My animations are simple and, for now, that is how I enjoy them. I have achieved my dream to be a movie director, camera person, actor, foley artist and boom operator. All this I did rather privately, without loosing my temper (OK- there is a keyboard that might disagree with me) while drawing on skills that I have learned from working with and watching others. For many years I yearned to make movies, but always found some excuse like; I didn’t have a camera or something like that. I at last feel I am making movies- I’m telling stories. And I hope you won’t feel embarrassed that I have exposed myself to you.